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Learn how to train efficiently

To train efficiently and get the most out of your workouts, you need to work smartly.

I’m Fernando Armisén, passionate about training, I’ve been running and training as a coach for many years. These last 4 years, I have been training people like you who love to run and feel the need to improve  their performance. I will help you to achieve your goals, training together will be easier and much more fun!

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Trail running online training

A comprehensive training package, including all the running, strength and flexibility sessions each runner needs. Individually tailored to achieve best results. 


Running technique analysis

Do you experience frequent injuries or discomfort after running sessions? 

Through a biomechanical analysis of the running technique we can identify problems and propose solutions, ensuring a more effective and efficient runnig technique that will allow you to continue enjoying running for years to come.


Joint mobility and strength analysis in trail runners

Why is it so important to check muscular strength and joints mobility in trail runners?

These tools will provide us with essential information helping us to improve performance and minimise the risk of injury. In order to create an adequate training plan, we must consider your initial joints and muscle condition that will enable us to develop specific training sessions to control your progress.