Fernando Armisén

My Story

Eight years ago I decided to turn my professional career upside down and started studying sport, exercise and physical education trying to pursue a dream. «The only way to do a great job is to love what you do«. Until then, I worked as an industrial engineer leading projects although running and other sports were already a big part of my daily routine.

During these years I have been studying and working hard to became a specialist trainer in trail running as well as a personal trainer and a fitness and nutrition adviser. I did a bachelor degree in physical activity and sport sciences (CAFyD) and I have currently finished a pioneering postgraduate specialization of 9 months duration as expert trail running coach at UDIMA university at the hands of an international team lead trainers in this area. I am strongly commited to continuously develop myself and I will always be at the forefront of new training methodologies and available tools. «Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn«

I am a trainer specialised in running sports and trail running, very focused in preparing whole seasons for all distance runners, from vertical kilometres to ultra trails. I design individual training plans to help everyone achieve their goals and I motivate my clients ensuring they unearthed their full potential. I also offer continuous advice on nutrition, equipments, tools and any other matter that would lead to an improvement of performance and health in relation with outdoor sports.

In terms of experience, I work in a sport centre as personal trainer, training individuals with different objectives. I have also been working during the last few years with a group of road and trail runners, and this last season I have started a new division of online trainings with all the passion and technological support offered by training platforms to get the best out of each athlete. With the help of new technologies and smart watches I can see every training detail of each athlete through these training online platforms, so every week I can analyse past trainings and adapt future trainings to get the best adaptations.

It is wonderful to work with an open plan because I can propose the best training sesions for each athlete in every moment, programming a whole kit plan: Running, technique, strength and flexibility sessions. 

Mountain runner and totally in love with the practice of sport in natural environments allowing me to keep contact with nature and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sportsman in a large number of sports disciplines both individual and teams since I was very young.


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