Running technique analysis

Do you experience frequent injuries or discomfort after running sessions? Have you considered improving your running technique to eliminate these discomforts and prevent injuries ensuring a lasting sport life? 

As it is explained in the article «Biomechanical analysis of the race», improving your running technique will allow you to run more efficiently (faster) and with greater energy savings. By ensuring your muscles and joints work effectively, you will reduce the risk of injury. Just doing an analysis of a running video allows me to observe the running technique, measuring and identifying muscular disorders and weaknesses in the way each athlete runs. Therefore I can suggest technique improvements or specific exercises to achieve a more efficient and less harmful running position in the main phases of the running cycle: initail contact, midstance and propulsion.

"The running technique is the correct gestural execution to apply the most effective forces when running."


Running biomechanical analysis

A running biomechanical video analysis, although not as precise as other tools, allows me to observe the general running dynamics and identifying important issues.


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